When in a relationship he feels
So trapped cause caged he looks.

Caged in agony
Trapped in love
Sadness a share
Cause once he messed.

The dark sky cries when at him it looks.
At the top of the roof he stands eyes watching God.

Midnight on the clock
One August night
Bones chilling cold
Cause 17° it is.

Alone in the dark
Desolate he wonders
If with him she still is.

If a day he spends
With no news from her
Thoughts he has,
Troubling, paining,
Moments of psychological agony.

He couldn’t blame her he knows.
He made all that happen
When a mistake he made
When no attention he gave.
Yet in love with her he was
So deep a love he missed to express
When she needed it the most.

Karma feels no mercy,
Retribution must happen
Those are his thoughts
Face in tears.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Broken Pieces, Poetry Volume.