She says sorry and kisses my forehead,
Holds me tight and weeps.
But never does she say those words
That would mean goodbye.
Still, she is to leave and come no more.

Aunt Jenny on her sick bed.
No more does her smile glow
No more sparkle in her words
‘Cause she looks pale and fragile.
Now awaiting to transmute into energy
To a dimension unknown to my knowledge.

Aunt Jenny loves me a lot.
I wish she would still be around
And kiss my forehead when she leaves
After a visit.

Aunt Jenny loves me a lot.
Why would she leave and come no more?

My old man looks at her in sadness.
I’ve never seen him that way.
Aunt Jenny is his closest sibling.
The two has a long family history.

When Aunt Jenny talks,
Pa always listens in awe.
Now he’s sad and I can feel it.

If I could, I would make it stop.
Making Aunt Jenny stay
With us a little more
But the doctor says it’s over.

Aunt Jenny is sad but she smiles
‘Cause she loves me a lot
And doesn’t want me in pain.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Broken Pieces, Poetry Volume

Photo Credit Queen C.