We’ve been Altered

We should go back to when we were young.
We should go back to being our true-selves
A time we could be happy with no string-attached.
We should go back to
Where friendship was genuine and with little
We were content and grateful.
We should go back to that
Very moment when we could
Talk about our feelings in a sincere way
With no pretense.
We should go back to the old days.
How much I miss what we used to be.
We were happy and real,
And there was no rat-race
And so-called responsibilities.
If I could I would, go back
To what we used to be and be happy.

Now with a deep sorrow, a heavy heart of regrets
I’ve come to understand the sad truth
About what we’ve become.
We’ve been Altered.
We’ve lost our teenage Innocence.
Our childhood freedom.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter Growing Strange
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