“When called on duty, There’s nothing you cannot stand.”

They never knew, they never got it. Tears at the heart of the night, longing for the return to a place they can’t even start to think of. Home. We Can’t talk about it. Who do you think will ever understand? They are so convinced for most of them to own the entire Universe along with its different dimensions.

I try as much as I can.  But it’s never enough because at the end of every day, once single desire emerges, so strongly, a longing for Home.

They said oblivion was supposed to keep us safe but for the rare of us who transcended and are able to remember pieces of what was meant to remain hidden, life here appears as a burden in every sense of the word.

And yet, We cannot go home, not until the task is completed. We know it as a standard value and our folks know it too well. So no matter the trouble, we stand and pretend.

Millions of years away, trapped at the core of a primary civilization with no chance to be true to ourselves without being regarded as mentally unstable, We walk amongst them for the sake of a job that must be done, upleveling a species that has no interest in evolving, therefore cut up in the embrace of primary instincts…

Crafts as primary tools we use, literature, teaching, counseling, science, and so many others to convey a single message and yet, they just don’t seem to be ready.

Their beliefs in deities and some of their kind playing with their subconscious minds blind them to a tragic point of self-abandonment…

And although we give it all we are allowed to complete the task, sometimes we can’t help the strong need to return Home where being is not insane. If you are out there, find a way to reconnect.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

Photo Credit: Pinterest