Over the years as I work on myself, I’ve come to the realization time and time again that to find our true selves and become, we all need a Jiminy Cricket.

But the good news is that we don’t need a fairy for that. It may be a friend, a love one, perhaps a coworker or a family member. Easy concept.

Yet, you may want to ask, what is a Jiminy Cricket? That’s fair enough. Ever read Pinocchio, the boy made of wood? Or perhaps you’ve watched the Cartoon.

If the answer to one of those two questions appears to be Yes, then you have a slight idea of what this is about. Right? Now let me break this down a little more for you.

We don’t always know if what we’re doing is right. Or wrong. Sometimes we lose control of our consciousness and in doing so, things may go in the wrong direction.

A Word, a thought expressed a bit too loud or a single action that could have been prevented had we had someone to remind us of what may be right or wrong.

Look, of course we happen to believe that we know what is wrong/right in every situation, but honestly, do we ? You see, it’s simple, a Jiminy Cricket around now and then is never too much and this can help us avoid a whole lot of troubles in our day to day interactions with others.

So, I have a simple question. Do you have a Jiminy Cricket in your life? I’ve got about two and it’s not always easy with them but I’ve got to confess that they help me a lot in this every learning of being human.

Find your Jiminy Cricket and learn more from them. Look, you don’t have to follow them blindly but they simply stand as a reminder that you have to think deeply in every situation and sometimes, most of the time, actually, they help you live a better life.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

Photo Credit: Pinterest