It is very common nowadays to meet many young people who are simply drifting through life without knowing exactly where they’re going.

When asked what their dreams are, they often answer. I just want to make money. I want a lot of money and I want to grow a family in a beautiful house.

They fail to understand that money is simply a means and having some or a lot of it cannot be the end purpose of a life.

Most of them have never been taught that dreams are what make life tolerable here on earth. It is what gives a meaning to every down.

Having a purpose in life should be one of the core values that are taught in schools. Science, literature and others are secondary.

People need to realize that they are not here on earth to merely go to school, graduate, get a job, grow a family then die.

There’s more to it and every human being had the responsibility to realize that from early age. That’s what gives a meaning to schooling and life in general.

That’s how you know why you must work harder in maths or in literature, or sport or any other subject.
I hope you find your dream, your passion and build a life and not just a résumé or a bank account.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

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