Predator I, you all know that epic movie that made our childhood. Some of us. Mine. Well, I went back to the movie the other day to play it old school then I happened to learned something I believe relevant to share with you.
Well, there was that man who was a teammate to Arnold Schwarzenegger (former governor of the state of California, body builder, mister universe, the giant actor that made my childhood…) Okay, okay, obvious that I kinda like the man. I still remember the song (commando…). Okay, I guess I am a kind of euphoric.
They were in the jungle tracking an alien monster when the man got wounded. He didn’t even realize it in the first place. He was so busy chewing something and fighting the enemy they could barely see. A younger soldier next to him who noticed the blood flowing from his body said:
-You’re bleeding
Then the bleeding man said something that made all the difference; he went:
-I ain’t get no time to bleed.
Then he continued chewing and shooting the enemy.
That’s exactly my point. The more you focus on a minor problem the less you work on what matters the most. His bleeding was a minor problem that didn’t require much attention.
Had he focused on that, he wouldn’t have kept shooting the enemy. The reason of his being in the jungle at that very moment. And before you think, his wound was not deadly. But most people today are distracted. They don’t have goals that they are ready to fight for, to die for. And that’s exactly why most people fail and very few succeed.
This lack of vision,focus and discipline is killing a lot of people softly and silently.
So here’s the thing, Focus! Don’t get distracted! Stay focused, no matter what! That’s how you’re going to win. Remember, it’s just a bleed, nothing more. You got this!

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes

Photo Credit: Pinterest