When a woman says she’s coming,
Come on slugger!
Take a deep breath.
Go to bed and take a nap.
When you wake up, get a shower
And have some meal.
If you are neighbor to nice people,
Go and have a talk with them.
Bring a smile to their face.
Don’t worry about your woman.
You will still have enough time to get prepared.
To meet her,
Your beloved woman.
Because when a woman says she’s coming,
Trust me,
It’s only now that she will sit and think about what to wear.
And we all know women know how to take their time.
I love women,
Our mothers,
Our queens,
Our perfect partners.
They are so ‘’themselves’’ in their perfection.
When a woman says she’s coming,
Don’t rush!

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Self a Universe, Poetry Volume


Photo Credit Queen I.