When I turned twenty five
An age they say of absolute adulthood,
Things were no more the same.
That was when I realized
I was gon’a die Sooner or later.

The idea was so threatening.
And I never knew I would so dare
To be such afraid in my life
Of something I cannot escape
Though I wish I could.

When I turned twenty five
When I turned twenty five
I saw the world in a bigger picture.

When I turned twenty five
At each twilight,
From the core of my warm bed,
I pictured the rest of my days.
Was I really proud of the man,
I had once been?

A fourth a century!
Quite an era I said.
What makes you think,
You could have done any better?
Myself, I asked.
A sardonic smile on the display.
For, To myself, I cannot lie.

I did live.
Of course I did!
Still I can do better.
Now I know.
It turns to be my current commitment.
O, what a beautiful existence of mine!
When I turned twenty five.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, As We Walk Through Life, Poetry Volume.


Photo Credit #Dahomie