Down the street,
Up to the valley,
I saw it perching.
Calm and peaceful.
Such creatures are the proof
That violence doesn’t matter,
In a world where we are called for brotherhood.
I stayed and read from its face.
I wonder how it happens to stay so calm
Though the storm in on head.
Men believe animals are brainless,
Still, we can learn a bunch from them.
During a flash, I heard it talking to me,
The little dove is so cheerful.
I could feel its words to my lone soul.
Peace, peace on earth
It’s all that matters the most.
Personal interests?
The universe doesn’t care.
Peace, peace on earth,
It’s all that matters the most.
You, humans have to make it happen.
I sighed and smiled
Seeing it diving through the calm breeze.
It flies free and hopeful
While one earth, hope seems to be lost hell long ago.
I walked, astonished and touched Wondering, are they better than we ever are?

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Liberscribes.

Photo Credit Pinterest