When the rose fades away
Torn out by its thorns in the middle
Of confused feelings,
To the soul, the heart turns to.
Looking for unwanted dark answers.

When into pieces,
The broken heart fell helplessly.
The beloved one turned into
The person that inspires hatred.

How dark our thoughts are
While we try to escape the reality
Believing our happiness depends on
A total outsider we barely truly know.

Hell she wished for him she once loved.
‘Cause today the bond is broken
And love found itself out of their universe
Although they vowed to stand by each other.

He ran away like a coward
While he could have fought for their love.
Looking for new flowers,
Because this sounds easier,
Easier than a fight for true love they had found.

They didn’t want us together,
They shout.
They didn’t want us together,
They shout.
Influenced by the outside world.
A world that has never been a friend to anyone.

I wonder why they even cared in the first place.
Letting the outside destroy
What they so preciously built inside.
With love and tenderness.

He is evil they told her.
He just wants to play with your feelings,
They whispered to her weak heart,
For, they knew how she would react.
‘Cause once bitten, twice shied.

Stay away from me she shouted,
When to visit her he came.
Filthy are your intentions I know.
Thinking I have truly loved you.

What my dear are you talking about he wondered.
Lost in the drama of a moonlight evening.
When from work he came exhausted
Looking for love and tenderness,
In the arms of the woman he truly loved.

His mouth he sadly opened.
But not a word would escape.
His veins shivering,
His blood warming,
His two hands shaking,
Control he was losing.

She was his first
Though her second.
A soul mate he thought he found.
Now weakened by her mysterious drama.

I know I am not alone she shouted.
You are cheating on me she cried,
Beating him on the chest
Without realizing how hard her move was.

What my goodness is this about? He said.
Trying to stop her from beating him.
While her emotions were taking hold of her.

She turned and ran
With no intention to come back.
He stood and wept warm and angry tears.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, Self and Universe,

Photo Credit: Pinterest