Lantern on the table,
An old chair,
A pen,
A hard paper.
Inspiration with perspiration.
A sweet sense of imagination.
When poetry drives me away
The normal world,
To the land of all possibilities
Where I can be myself with no fear.
I sing of joy a song to please my soul,
I take oaths, I make promises to the unseen.
My crazy thoughts I share
With the wind, with the moon
With the dark, with the light
O dearest beings of fairy counties,
Hear my voice,
Fly to my rescue.
Peace I seek,
Acceptance I beg for,
At least here I can feel at home.
Reject me not!
The world out there sees madness in me.
Hear me out,
Send me not away.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter , As We Walk Through Life: Poetry Volume

Photo Credit: Pinterest