A girl I used to know.

She was my everything until I realized that I was her nothing. That’s how everything collapsed. I never knew she was playing while I was entirely committed to a relationship we both vowed to fight for.

When I first met my Mary Jane, I was so determined to the best version of Peter Parker be in order to her hero be in every situation.

She was my Mary Jane and I would do anything to keep her safe but little did I realize that we were not alone in the relationship that was meant for two people.

A John Doe I never asked for was involved pretending to a mere friend be, buying enough time, tending to her heart awaiting for the slightest opportunity to own my Mary Jane.

Don’t worry, just a friend he is she would repeat over and over trying obviously to convince herself more than she could possibly convince me cause I knew things she couldn’t even start to imagine.

We had to part, the only way out for the both of us. Now she stands merely as a girl I used to know. Faded memories of a relationship that could have lasted a lifetime. How short can forever be when love is gone!

And by the shore she sat reminiscing the sad memories of a breakup she orchestrated. She never knew it would be this hard to move on after having broken the remaining parts of a heart that once vowed to forever love her.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter, #BrokenPieces
All Rights Reserved ©2021

Photo Credit: Pinterest