Yes, Ma I’ve been here before

It was a strange feeling for her, my human mother to realize that most of the things that she wanted to teach me as a regular boy were already part of my inner values.

Couple of times as we were having our regular phone conversations, she couldn’t help but confess the very fact that all she wanted was a child with a regular human mind but instead, she got me. A strange boy with a really heteroclite mind.

What goodness was she insinuating?

Well, I could have felt offended but for reasons I cannot state neither for lack of vocabulary nor for the incapacity to comprehend, but rather for the sake of a mission that must me completed come hell or high water, I knew she was right.

When you grow up with the constant feeling of not belonging, crazy moments of déjà-vu along with questions no typical mind can grasp, you start to awake and recall things that were hidden at the core of dimensional oblivion.

That’s somehow when all the trouble starts. You begin to lose the balance of dogmas and beliefs that once was created to keep you asleep. You start to see things from different perspectives with a tendency to go deeper than any normal, to connect with nature, to have a step ahead in almost everything.

You have this weird feeling of being connected to different dimensions with this deep connection to the the stars and constellations as if there were something up there to find. Perhaps a place, Home.

For years, I have restrained myself from talking about this part of myself because of the environment I was living in and for the very fact that my here-people were more of mainstream religion adepts.  Of course the environment has not changed that much but the mission has grown higher than self.

I have come to understand over the past few years that what we geniunely are cannot be hidden for ever. Today, the very possiblity of any kind of life existence apart from typical human life remains unconventional and controversial.

And yet, Energy is everywhere and there are Billions  of planets across the Universe not to mention that there are about one hundred billion planets across the milky way, just the milky way for a start.

For billions of years, we’ve been traveling across the universe in different forms and shapes even though there’s a conventional belief on Terra that states how death is the end of life. If only they knew.

But not my call. Someday not far from now, I believe they will start to read as soon as the awakening process will be enlarged to them.

So to the goddess who helped me come here this time, You’ve always been right about me, I’ve been here before Mamma, yes, I am different, yes I don’t belong and of course I am a strange child.

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