‹‹Go, go, just go
You must avoid me
Baby, I’m a shadow
Don’t come with me.

Go,go, just go
Don’t follow me
Darling, don’t be my fellow
Don’t try to grown with me.

Go, go, just go
Don’t trust in me
I’m now a shadow
Don’t rely on me.

I was wrong with you
Please, forgive me
I was false with you
Split up with me.

I was wrong to say I don’t love you
Can you come back with me ?
That much I would love to say.
But because, Happy, I want to see you
Please forget me and love me not.

O how I love you !
I just want you to be happy
I’m not good for you
Not the one for you
Please, don’t come with me… ››

Loïce C.

Photo Credit Pinterest