The strange boy did not speak a word. Eden ran away and came back with a sheet of paper with the writing: Come on boy, at least you can say your name. Everybody was expecting a reply. But nothing came. The boy was just staring at them all. He looked afraid and confused. He couldn’t remember where he came from and how he got there. In the meantime, Sir Bolly Philips and his wife, Eddy’s grandparents were getting back from the old Farmland church. They saw the community gathered and got closer to see what was happening. Sir Bolly was so excited when he heard it was a strange boy coming from nowhere. He rushed in the middle of the crowd and shouted:

  • This must be my grandson! oh Goodness this must be Eddy!

Everyone turned back and looked surprisingly at the old man who was making his way  through the crowd to see the strange boy. Some folks were gossiping when sir Philips walked through to the boy:

He must be crazy the old man, his grandson went on missing at least seven years ago, how possible? The old man needs a  shrink. He ain’t goin’ to give up on that. Damn that must be hard to bear. There is no way that kid lying there would be his grandson. Suck miracles are no more possible. The world is already a mess, so much corrupt. It ain’t anymore a wonderland made of miracles.

Bolly was determined. He would not listen to a word of what people were saying. He walked straight to the boy and suddenly stopped right after laying his eyes on him. He was shocked and bedazzled. He hoped it would be the boy but he was no more ready to face the reality.

Of course it was the boy. No one would think of it until his grandfather showed a birthmark he got one his shoulder.  When Eddy was born, Bolly was the first to notice the mark and he always teased him speaking of the mark as that of a super hero. Everyone was astonished.  It took him hours to convince the community that the strange boy was indeed his missing grandson. He showed them a picture of the boy, youngster with the same birthmark. Eddy was lost in all the scenario. He was still right in the middle of the crowd while everybody was speaking at the same time. Memories of that hellish day were coming back to some folks.

I was eleven years old when Eddy came back and it was that very day that I heard of the story for the first time. Our parents decided, after the accident not to talk of that to any child until we all faced the reality of Eddy’s great return. Sir Philips hugged passionately Eddy who did not seem to remember him. Something must have happened to the boy we thought. He was no more the same. He did not seem to know who his grandfather was.