As We Walk Through Life

It is not just about poetry when I write.
Trust me,
A part of myself is committed to
Every verse of every piece of poetry.
When I write, a piece of my soul goes in the words I let out.
I open my heart, I let you read lines from my soul.
I write to connect your souls to mine.
To prove you right about the world being a family.

I write to motivate
I write to heal
The wounds of our world
Yours and mine
Those we have in common.
I write to uplift,
To leave a trail where no one ventures
I write to be, to find strength
To stand in the chaos of a so wounded world.
When I write, it’s not just about poetry I am afraid.

I write for perspective.
Where you stand,
The truth is of two ways
Yours and mine
Where we stand,
Our need to know
And understand those things we go through
Not so different we are, perspective I say.

It is not just about poetry.
It’s more about being connected.
It’s about witnessing our brotherhood, our sisterhood.
It’s about reconnecting the broken pieces of a so noble
World we were once given by the universe, the mother of all.

Oh universe, my universe,
Speak, and say a word.
Tell them, I speak no lies
For, I am your lifetime devoted apprentice.
I live to serve, I live to connect.
It’s not just about poetry my fellow.
I am because I write,
I write to enlighten every corner of the universe.
In everything I write, there’s a piece of my soul.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter