And here am I looking at you in the rearview mirror. Maybe we shall meet again or not. Whatever. This chapter to my life is now over. I’ve got to move on. Next line. Straight up. Mayhaps a break for less shit. Love is a fairy tale. Break-ups bring back to reality. Goddamn I am awake. Light through my shady tears. Gotta be on my way. If I don’t see you here anymore, sure together in hell shall we be. No hard feelings, Love. Ex. After all, in love we used to be right? At least one of us. Damn, that’s the drama. This shit never ends. Ain’t blaming you after all. I should’ve known. Those signs never lie. Well, gotta say, blinded, yeah, I was. For once. Sure it was meant to be. Learned it the hard way. So I’mna say this final goodbye. Sure I’ve had enough.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter