Things have changed. Love motions went slow. Attention missed the rendezvous. A bit too much unexpressed feelings. We let society in, a mistake it was we made. Shadow to what we used to be, we barely stand each other now. Watering dead plants, I want to believe in miracles. A miracle, a sparkle to ignite our once beautiful fire. I stand by the top of the building to think about what we used to be before we no more exist cause in different directions we will part. Not just the way we planned it. Never thought you would say my name in disgust and wished we had never met cause they told you we didn’t belong and I ain’t good at following rules. I used to think love, true love was above everything else. I guess it wasn’t what we had. Shame on me cause I used to think of it as genuine. You decided to part, to follow them cause they got #normal.

By Paterne Freeman Shadowriter