“Ever tried ever failed no matter. Try again, fail again, fail better.” Samuel Beckett. So you’ve tried once, twice or even a couple of times and failed right? And you probably think you’ve got enough of your share of failure and it’s time to give up and settle for mediocrity. Well, Guess what, You’re wrong. Look, nobody likes to fail. It’s obvious. But you Know what? It’s part of the process. At some time in your life, you will fail either you like it or not. You might even fail big. But it’s not enough to give up on what you truly desire. Failure can be a big disappointment that hits so bad in the head and in most of the cases you have the feeling that odds are against you because you’ve given everything you got. But the thing about true success is that it doesn’t often come overnight. It often takes a great deal of failure to understand true success and only those who risk enough to go back to the battle field after so many setbacks feel the true emotion behind Success. Look, I am not here to lecture or to motivate, you don’t need me for that. But those are facts that every successful person has come to embrace at some point of their lives.

By Paterne Freeman Shadowriter

Photo Credit: Pinterest