It took me to be a teacher to realize that I can train my own elite to face the challenges of the future world. My goal is to have a generation of smart, creative and open minded people that can work with/for me to bring about a positive change. So I have decided to become a teacher first. Where else can I have the opportunity to shape their minds and to prepare them for a better world?
Some people often ask me, eh man, why did you choose to be a teacher? You can do many other things, you are a smart cookie and teaching doesn’t pay enough. I often smile. I guess now they have a slight clue of my motivations.
Selfish? No, I am a man of vision.
Another reason why I have decided to be a teacher as part of my multi-task career of a dream architect is something I learned from the matriarch Maya Angelou, ‘’when you learn, teach.’’. This brings me to one of the most important rules to success. Giving something back to the society. To show my gratitude to the universe and to all my teachers, I realized that it is part of my responsibility to stop one moment from chasing the dream and to focus for a given period on how to give something back. As opposed to many other people’s beliefs, I do not teach to earn a living, no, this is merely part of my contribution to the universe, to progress. Gratitude is a basic rule to success.
The third reason behind my choice is the interaction, the leadership. These important things that are hidden in the shadow of the process. Well, here, to understand, you have to be aware. We are living in a world of so many self-proclaimed leaders. Fighting to own a place in this arena takes some sacrifices that a true self cannot always afford. Tricky huh! Well, we all make choices so I have decided to learn from the root.
If you know why you are doing something, it’s easier to achieve your goals. A school is the best place where you can master your emotions, somewhere you can learn to interact with people (people from different stages of knowledge). It’s a place where you can share, give and receive. Where you realize that we all have something to learn from others. That’s true leadership. It takes all these steps to end up a genuine leader. Reading books about leadership is okay, we all need that but going to the core of all learning is much better.

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