Some people often wonder why there is a God and still we face all those cruelties and hatred in a world he is said to have created in the first place. A world he so much loves.

What if God was on a vacation that will last lifetimes ? What if he was just tired of all this ? What if he couldn’t stand it anymore ?

Or simply all what you’ve been taught and told about God was nothing but a mere myth, a fantasy to keep you asleep and rule your mind ?

Maybe there has to be a God to keep the human mind under control.

Well, you gonna have to figure this out. Use your mind and trust your gut intuition, he is hiding there, maybe.
You’ll never know if you don’t take the risk to venture there.

One thing is sure, he is neither in the skies, nor where you call heaven when you gaze at the skies. Over there, you have other planets, galaxies and the empty.

Faith has no room here, deep down you know you have questions.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter