A lot of people out there have failed themselves and their calls because of opinions. They care too much about what people think about them and more about how to fit in.
Some people are giving up on their dreams and goals because somewhere out there, someone thinks they have a bad reputation. Here is what I think about reputation. Good or bad, reputation is just a set of opinions from the outside. It may be right or wrong and subject to prejudices. The real question is: What do you really think about yourself? Because deep inside, we all know the answer to this.
I’ve got a weird reputation and I am okay with that. I’m a monarch, a life Apprentice and I live on my terms. Good or bad reputation, who defines that? Why does it have to prevent you from achieving your dreams? You cannot let what other people think of you rule your life and decision making. You need to swim head up high and see things in a much bigger picture. Swimming above the tide will help you grow and prepare you to fight for what you believe in.
There are some others, they can’t move forward because they always think about fitting in. The need to belong is so strong to a point that in every move they make, the first objective is to fit in. If you can relate to this, let me ask you one single question: Whose life are you living?
I once learned that the tragedy of life is not death, it’s merely getting to the end of your life only to realize that you’ve never lived the life you chose, that you’ve always tried to fit in the box, to reach other people’s expectations without ever taking a chance on your own choices.
Now, let me ask: Your life or theirs? Which one is it? Why do you have to care about what they think of you? Why do you have to fit in? Why do you have to be one of them in order to be? Why does your happiness have to depend on their approval? Why can’t you take the chance to be? Why can’t you dare? Do you want to end up with regrets for having missed your whole life and do you want to look at the mirror on the wall and grin with a deep expression of true satisfaction?
You may think: “It’s not that easy’’
Sure, it is. The call is yours. Just make it. Take a chance today. Live on your terms. Make your own calls. Face the consequences and learn. That’s how you grow. Remember, people out there, most of them don’t want you to grow. They want to control you. They don’t want you to use your brain. They want to be the ones to tell you what to do. Seriously, do you undermine yourself to a point to let people control your mind?
Then, what’s the problem?
It’s time to rise up and live on your terms.
Paterne Freeman Shadowriter