Maybe we will find each other again. Maybe, it was meant to be that way.
Ever since I met you, I knew somehow I would end up with you. We’ve been together for a very short time. In real life, we can’t even call that a relationship but to my heart, it has always been the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me in love. Mayhap because you always seem to be out of my reach. For real, I can’t tell. I have had the chance to be with gorgeous and awesome ladies but no one is your equal when it comes to how I feel. Actually, you are the only person, not just the only woman, to know more about me. I never feel the need to fake with you. When I foresee my life in ten years with my two beautiful children and their mother, the woman of my life, it’s you I see, it has always been you. It occurs crystal clear to my brain that I can’t just get rid of the feelings that I have for you. I have come to understand that these feelings are rooted so deep to such a depth that no other relationship can ever overrule them. Sometimes, this whole situation sounds so crazy, creepy and silly to me. Maybe I am the one making all this up in my witty poet’s mind. Maybe I am the one. Someday, I’ll certainly get a clear idea about all this. In the meantime, let’s keep living a happy life each of us by their side. If this love really originates from the core of the universe, we will find each other again. You know what? That thing between us, it must be love.
Tell me, do you know why our mutual friends and some others think that we two will end up together?
PS: I still don’t understand how and why we get along so perfectly despite the distance and the years.
To someone out there.