Earlier this morning while I was getting ready to sleep, I suddenly realized that I could die at any time. The idea of death, though gloomy, scared me hard to be honest. Confronted with such a dark thought, only one question kept coming to my mind. What would I regret if today, at this moment, I broke my physical contract with this world?
I kept asking myself in every direction, the same question that to a second had the strength to drive me crazy. It was then that I realized that there were many things I would like to accomplish before getting ejected from this world.
I understood that I still had things to tell you, because, believe it or not, you are now a whole part of my family on this noble Earth. That being so, I have resolved to tell you the following:
Live a life you will remember because when the inevitable moment comes, only your memories will follow you. So you must have good ones.
Make people smile, as many people as you can, because in the end, the only real thing they will keep from you will be how you made them feel. Be the reason why a person smiled in a day. Believe it or not, there are many possibilities that you are the only person to have given them that chance during the day and sometimes during their whole life.
Help others and avoid judging them. Remember, they are the only ones wearing their shoes, not you. The Universe will judge us in close complicity with Karma.
Live, live, for, very few have the courage to do so. Most people exist for no specific purpose. Live, yes live before it is too late.
Stop finding excuses and people to blame for everything. You are the only one responsible for your happiness as well as for your misfortune. Everything else is just a question of belief in dogmas and the flight of responsibilities.
Change your way of thinking and change your life.
– Seek your inner peace, find deep inside you what makes you happy and embrace it.
– Avoid bad companies and situations that do not help you grow.
-Do not try to please anyone. Do what is right and all the rest will come.
-Above all, respect the Universe, the only master of everything, for, he is God.
These are my rules of a healthy life.
Paterne Freeman Shadowriter.
1:02 AM