I have been on this planet for a while now but every time I realize that it is my human birthday, one single question keeps popping onto my mind. What have I achieved so far? I know many people may think this is crazy, but I can’t care about what they think right now.
What’s the true Purpose of life? Is it merely about going to school, graduating college, getting a job, growing a family and then dying, forgotten? Because I see no real achievement in this.
I have come to understand that being HAPPY and making POSITIVE IMPACT are things that all of us should do as we live this life of uncertainty.
I am learning that we rise by lifting others and the more people we help smile, the more smile we get in return unexpectedly.
Life is teaching me that to grow, you must suffer. To succeed, you will fail sometimes and when failure comes, you must never give up.
I am learning that I must live a life that I will remember when I leave this life behind to an alternative universe. So I live in a way that I can be the reason why someone smiles, holds on to their dream, keeps their head up high, succeeds and is happy.
Most of the time I wonder, am I growing up as my human body is growing old? Because I am learning that these are two different things.
I am learning that we are all here for a purpose and it is our duty to fulfill our promise to the #Universe before we travel back to the core of the #Energy.
Those are couple of things I am learning.
Happy Birthday to My #HumanSelf.
#Shadow, #Love and #Gratitude
Good Vibes,
The Apprentice of the Universe,
Paterne Freeman Shadowriter aka Paterne F. Hessou.
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