I don’t need a degree in mathematics to make you count on me.
I don’t need a degree in philosophy to understand the deepest meanings of life.
I don’t need to be a PhD in psychology to help you heal your heart with a smile.
I don’t need a study to understand that we all need someone to lean on.
Do I need to be a surgeon to mend a broken heart?
I don’t need to be a renowned musician to enjoy the depth of ‘’soul music’’ with good lyrics that make you reflect.
I don’t need, I don’t need.
I don’t need to be your sibling to be there when you need me, to be your brother.
No, I don’t.
For, from the soul of the universe, I know we are bros and Sis,
I don’t need to be a Hero with a hood to protect my people,
To be there and make a change in every corner of the world.
All I need is purpose and good will.
And I don’t need a psychologist to tell me that.
All I need is a soft mind with an open heart.

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter
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