I used to think that I need to reach my dreams first before I get to help anyone else reach theirs. Then I realized that we rise by lifting others and by lighting other people’s candles, there will be some more light and therefore more chances to make the world what we expect it to be. So here are my pieces of advice of the day: Don’t wait for a defining moment to help people around you. Don’t be nice to people because you expect them to return you the favor. It has to be part of your life principles. You have to do it because it’s part of the things that make you happy. This is how you make impact. If in any way, you can light one more candle around you, just do it, do it with no second thought. Remember, as you do so, there will be more light. Be the smile on someone’s face and help them find their own way.

via Make a Difference — The Apprentice of the Universe