When December shows up,

Everything I see is magical.

Feelings I have,

Words I hear right there in my mind,

Back to December time,

With its cool weather,

Things I see,

Only my imagination can support.


The spirit of December is the friendliest of the year.

Don’t you believe it?

Go back to December and witness.

I can be your guide if you wish,

The mood is too pleasant to accept any grief.

So beware!

December is my favorite time of the year.


I have good and bad memories trapped inside me.

December holds the best of them all.

This, not a lie I swear.

When December comes,

I cry,

Not because I feel sad.

My joy is hidden in my tears,

Cause I always miss December.


O December! Thou gracious December!

For you, I long every night.

When to my pillow I speak.


The child in me is waving.

Longing for the cool breeze of your spirit.

Come back soon December.


Paterne Freeman Shadowriter

Odes of my Gracious Life

Copyright © 2017 Paterne Freeman H. Shadowriter All Rights Reserved.