To the girl I love,
You often call me crazy alien therefore I have chosen the old way to write you a letter.
Sorry, today I don’t feel like using messenger or any social media. These wonderful tools have been taking some of our precious good habits away. I truly think it sucks. Don’t you?
So I have decided to pen you letters the old way from now on. Here is the first. I hope you don’t take it wrong.
Besides, I want this moment to be genuine. I want you to hold my letter and feel the warm in every word.
My babe, the other day, you were interested in the kind of woman that I would like to be my wife. It made me reflect a lot.
For fear of getting confused or lost, I have come to the following conclusion:
I know that the world doesn’t revolve around me but as a complete being, I have my own perception of life and happiness. Isn’t it what we all long for? To be happy?
Well, my babe, deep down, I know I am an introverted even though I prefer to call myself ambivert. I love to spend quality time alone because it is the only way for me to find and know my true self. Of course I enjoy people’s company but there are days when I need to be left alone because I need to replenish. Keeping my energy positive and full is how I find happiness.
I’ve mentioned this because most of my breakups were the results of the misunderstanding of this part of my personality.
Most of the time, people (especially girls I used to date) think that it is because I don’t love them that I am tired of their company. It’s not quite true I can assure you. I can love you and still want to be left alone at times. It wouldn’t be about you, believe me.
Can you stand this? Because the woman I would like to be my wife will have to.
That woman of my life needs to love herself enough to want to be autonomous. It’s the best way to be a good teammate I believe and I would like her to be my teammate, my bestfriend and my real partner.
Although makeups create a very interesting version of people, People’s need of this artificial is definitely beyond my ken. I wouldn’t like the woman of my life to make use of this. I want her genuine and natural.
I am a man of vision and I carry very big dreams on this perilous journey of self-accomplishment. I want to make positive impact and participate in making this world a better place so I guess my need of a woman of vision is therefore understandable. Trust me, it would be a tragedy for her to have sight and lack vision. These are words from Helen Keller that I strongly adopt.
Babe, I may have the reputation to be a perfectionist but if there is something I have learned in life, it’s obvious that perfection doesn’t exist and therefore I do not demand it. Nevertheless, I would like the woman who will be my life partner to be open minded with a witty sense of humor.
Babe, will you be my wife?
Your Introverted,

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter
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