How do I say goodbye to the people I love?
I have never experienced such a moment in my life. Although I have been teaching for only five years now, I dare to say that you are my pride. I spent the whole night wondering what I would tell you today. Not a goodbye, no, this one, I can’t stand.
I have come to the following.
When I got this new transfer almost eleven months ago, I thought I would be disoriented. I knew I was going to meet new students but the environment was going to be different from the one I was used to. It made me think a lot. Not always easy to embrace new changes. Is it? Though I was excited to meet new people, the idea of a start over was terrifying in a way. But I still remember that Thursday when we first met.
Well, we’ve been a long way together. I know at the beginning of my crusade you were all afraid. Some of you would ask ‘’who’s that strange young teacher? Oh God, what’s going to happen to us this year?’’ You would use some local languages you thought I couldn’t understand. There are things I understand although I don’t speak most of those languages.
Today, we are at the end of the year and I have come to realize that you have completely changed. You are no more the people I met eleven months ago. Are you? You have changed in a better way and I am truly proud of your new selves. You are now a family, my family.
‘’Long Pause’’
I know most of you think I am the reason why they have succeeded this year, but what if we see things from a different perspective? What if you have been my salvation all along this year? I have learned from you as much as you have learned from me, trust me, you taught me that sometimes, people only need someone to tell them they can, for them to be amazing, this, added to so many other little things that matter a lot.
Today, I have to face the idea that I may not meet all of you together anymore. But I still have things to share with you.
When you leave this place today, please,
Remember the dream, remember the moments,
When you feel like giving it all up, remember all the success stories we shared. Especially, the ones you told. What would those people do? What did they do?
If some of you fail today, remember Samuel Beckett once said, ‘’Ever tried, ever failed, no matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.’’
To people like you, surrender is not an option. I know you, I have spent eleven months with you and I have seen the kind of person, the warrior in each of you. So, I repeat, to people like you, surrender is not an option. If you fail, you must continue to try, over and over again until you reach success. Because, trust me, it is the only way to defeat failure and tell a story to motivate other people. Remember all those people we talked about. Yes remember them.
Do something good everyday. Make someone smile in a day.
Remember that you might be the only being to act kindly to the person. If you can bring a smile to other people’s face, your life will be filled with good energy and you need this. You need to hurl off good vibes around.
You matter, more than you could possibly imagine. You matter to the whole Universe. You matter to me. And I have come to realize that I love you, very much.
This is just the end of the academic year, not the end of our meeting. We still have a long way to go.
I will see you again.
You know you can reach out to me whenever you need.
God the Universe bless us all.
Class of 2018, my young scientists, I love you.
Go, go and have some fun. You deserve it.
Paterne Freeman Shadowriter
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