#Carry me home,
This place they call home, I don’t belong.
Dear God, please carry me home.
Here on #Earth, people don’t stand differences,
Intolerance is trend.
They want me to fit in,
#Humans, your creatures want me to be a clone.
Please carry me home.
I am too authentic to be a follower,
Please carry me home.
#Home where we can all be #different
And still live together as one family.
Dear God the #Universe,
Here is not a place safe enough for my offspring.
Carry me home.
Home where I don’t have to be one of them to share with them.
Somewhere I won’t have to hide my feelings when things go bad.

If to go home, we must die, then my spirit is all yours.
My breath dear #God the Universe is at your total disposal.
As long as you take me home.

I have had enough of all this drama,
Enough of seeing humans killing their fellows.
Persecuting, violating human rights,
In the name of power,
Religious beliefs,
In the sad names of greed and selfishness.
In so many names I don’t even want to know.
I have had enough.
Carry me home,
Please carry me home.

In Self and Universe

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter
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