So much pain you face every day.
So many people dying for no reason.
Wounded folk in every corner.
What have you done to deserve this?

In the name of Allah they dare to say.

What about the innocent souls
Born in a world of unjustified war?
Little children who doesn’t know what peace means.
Do they deserve it too?
Do they have to pay for anything?

I saw a little #girl crying.
All she asked for
Was a chance to grow up,
A chance to see herself in a mirror
At age eighteen.
A chance to hang out with her friends.
If she ever succeeded in making some.
A chance to go to school.
A chance to #live.

I saw a poor little #boy wounded,
He never signed for this.
A war #casualty you call him?
For what end I must ask.

My heart goes in pain.
I feel it difficult to breathe.
When Syria I think about.

So many people dying for no reason.
I feel helpless and
It tears me apart.

I wonder how many of these innocent children
Have ever seen a bird flying above the skies.
How many of them have ever been to a park.
How many of them have ever had the chance to chuckle loud.

Why would you give birth to them in the first place?

Paterne Freeman Shadowriter in #Self_and_Universe
Copyright © 2018 Paterne Freeman H. Shadowriter All Rights Reserved.