There is a Russian proverb that says: “Akula, kotorya Ne plavayet, Ne tonet”. It means that “The shark that doesn’t swim, drowns.” In French, “Le requin qui ne nage pas, se noie’’. If you don’t move forward, you die. Si tu ne vas pas de l’avant, tu meurs. Stop living in the past and get on living again. Life is worth a living. Look, I know you have been through a lot. Things I certainly have no idea about. Fine, you’ve been through hell but you’re still alive. It means one thing, one single thing: you are stronger than you think. You can’t stand there, arguing over the past and die literary. You have to stand up like the lion you are and roar. There are so many people inspired by your character, people who are living their lives in a happy and beautiful way because somehow, somewhere, someday, you inspired them. You may not even know anything about this but there are those people out there. Trust me. Are you going to be selfish enough to give up on all of them? Just because you decide not to move forward? What is it in there in the past that you are so attached to? What about all the people counting on you, not financially or in any other way but just because they truly believe that you are the kind of person who doesn’t give up? Think about it. You need to move forward, let the past where it is. It’s done, you can’t change it. But you can decide to live again. To start over. Remember, ‘’ Akula, kotorya Ne plavayet, Ne tonet”. Swim fellow, swim, your life depends on it. The past is not where you belong fellow.
Paterne Freeman Shadowriter.
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