So many years later,
So long events after,
It’s only now that I have come to realize.
Alone in a dark room,
Under a gloomy moon day,
I have come to realize.
You were not just men of History.
You were heroes of all races,
Beyond what anyone could understand.
I have come to say it loud enough for them to get the point.

Like Moses saved the children of Israel with his powerful rod,
Thou stand for the freedom of my race
With your blissful Emancipation Proclamation
Abraham Lincoln!

Then Came Martin Luther King Jr,
Our contemporary Joshua who led The African American
Through the civil rights movements.

To the Greatest one who taught us what Peace is,
To you Mahatma Gandhi, you who inspire so many,
I bow and say Thank you.

Who would I look like if I forgot Nelson Mandela?
Our Madiba!
A great hero who was jailed for being good,
Still, he did stand for the truth and his people’s welfare,
Akin to Joseph’s story in Egypt.

They are not Just men of history,
To them, we owe tribute.
To them, we pay tribute.

In #Lyrics_of_my_Lonely_Life

By Paterne Freeman Shadowriter

Copyright © 2016 Paterne Freeman H. Shadowriter All Rights Reserved.