When the time comes,

‘Don’t want my mama to witness this moment,

The day my body will be lain on the altar,

At the final hour of a gracious life of mine.


No lies on my gravestone,

You don’t have to pretend anymore.

You bastards who wanted me dead for very long.

Now is your time, cheer up!

You got the moment so long wished for.

But remember you ain’t immortal.


I pray for you to see the good in people.

For, this will save your souls.

You who judged me upon prejudices.

I dare you to look back to my life

In a more reasonable sense

And still come up with the same judgment

Ye gods on earth.


To you who got that ounce of love for me,

Cry not dearest! For, I did love you too I am sure.

Move on and live. Smile and be good to the stranger.

All goes onward and outward

But my energy still remains.


No eulogy I beg, for, death has no ears.

If ever in a prayer, you remember I lived,

Praise God I knew you,

For, thanks to you, my time was cheerful.

To God, give the glory

For, he made us relatives.

This ain’t any blood magic I swear.


Upon my dead body, say no prayer

Trust me, this won’t change a thing.

We all reap what we once sowed.

And I hope to have been a good man.


#Paterne_Freeman_Hessou #AKA #The_Shadowriter

Copyright © 2017 Paterne Freeman H. Shadowriter All Rights Reserved.